Updating show titles (was Re: [icecast] a new directory service)

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Sep 17 16:10:01 UTC 2001

First, it's wrong to fix a problem with a client on the server end.  We
shouldn't dictate the behavior of the directory on how clients display

> > If the client is using freeamp, they can see the song titles.  (They are
> > passed along by the server.)  Winamp and XMMS do not seem to see the meta
> > data from the server.
> If you're streaming a live broadcast, you don't have song titles, as the 
> mp3 or ogg stream is generated real time from a sound card input. There 
> are two ways of letting the client know what he's listening to:
> 1. put meta-data into the mp3/ogg stream itself

Exactly.  There will be a metadata stream soon that will be generated by
ices.  It will override the file comments if there are any.  So you will
be able to change arbitrary pieces of data as you see fit even during a
live broadcast.

This will take a bit to get in place, but I think that Oddsock solved
this in the meantime by just ending a chain-link on a stream boundary.


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