[icecast] Problems with RealPlayer & Icecast

Mel Matsuoka melorama_lists at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 16 23:04:32 UTC 2001

On Sun, 16 Sep 2001 16:54:24 -0600, Jack Moffitt <jack at xiph.org> wrote:

>> 5-10 seconds, then the connection just drops. I tried it using RealPlayer 8 on
>> Windows2000, and got the same results. Winamp, on the other hand, works
>> perfectly.
>What do the icecast logs say when the connection is dropped?

[16/Sep/2001:12:58:27] [96:Connection Handler] Accepted client 92 from
[] on mountpoint [/]. 1 clients connected
[16/Sep/2001:12:58:40] [94:Source Thread] Kicking client 92 []
[Client signed off] [listener], connected for 13 seconds, 98408 bytes
transfered. 0 clients connected

and the icecast_access.log shows this as the useragent when RealPlayer 8 is
used: - - [16/Sep/2001:12:58:40 -1000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 98408 "-"
"RMA/1.0 (compatible; RealMedia)" 13

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