[icecast] Problems with RealPlayer & Icecast

Mel Matsuoka melorama_lists at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 16 22:53:05 UTC 2001

I've been getting reports from people that my Icecast streams are not working
when RealPlayer is used for playback. They all say that the stream plays for
5-10 seconds, then the connection just drops. I tried it using RealPlayer 8 on
Windows2000, and got the same results. Winamp, on the other hand, works

I tried playing other streams on the Icecast yp server, and it seems to play
back fine. I'm running Icecast 1.3.11, and feeding it static mp3 files using
IceS 0.2.2. IceS is re-encoding the mp3 files down to 64kbps.

I scoured the mailing-list archives and documentation trying to find the source
of this problem, but was unable to find anyone else encountering ths same
problem. Is there a setting or something I'm overlooking?

My stream is located at http://www.houseofgeeks.net:8000/ 

Any ideas? TIA

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