[icecast] Dynamic playlist support

Nate sublime at lagfactory.net
Sat Sep 15 04:26:26 UTC 2001

I've actually been working on that same idea for the past few weeks. The final
product is Livewire Radio, which I've just promoted from alpha to stable beta.
It uses PHP and MySQL, and thus integrates very easily with a website.

I'll be releasing the source code on SourceForge once I do a few final
modifications: http://livewire.sourceforge.net/. Check within a day or two and
the first tarball should be there.

Once I get the code up, anyone willing to beta test the software for me is
welcome to use it by all means and give me feedback. Don't blame me, though, if
the RIAA gets upset -- my idea is not to create commercial radio stations with
this, but I intially wrote the software so I could use it privately.

If anyone's interested in more information, feel free to ask. ;)

Nate "sublime" Kohari

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> Here is my suggestion -- something i'm getting started on.
> iceS supports writing a playlist handler in either Perl or Python, and that
> could very well get the next song out of a database, that is fueled by
> requests from users.  
> I'll be using Python (as it RULES! hehe), and the learning curve is rather
> low.
> --ben

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