[icecast] DMCA and webcasting

Joshua Vickery vickeryj at grinnell.edu
Thu Sep 13 21:29:08 UTC 2001

> I've not heard anything this low in cost.  Considering the royalty rate is
> roughly 6-8 cents (USD) ($0.06) and it's been awhile since I've dealt w/
> those numbers, I would expect the RIAA to come in no less than those
> amounts.  I fully expect the rates to be high enough to quash most of the
> broadcasters we have today.  Especially in today's market.

> From http://www.riaa.com/Licensing-Licen-3a.cfm

Q. What rate has SoundExchange proposed in the arbitration?
A. While SoundExchange continues to negotiate deals tailored to individual
needs, it has asked an arbitration panel to set the industry rate for
webcasters as follows:

    * Webcasters (including AM/FM webcasters) may choose to pay either $0.004
    (four-tenths of one cent) per performance (e.g., if 10 people listen to
    a recording, then there would be 10 performances) or 15% of the service's
    gross revenues from such transmissions.
    * Webcasters who syndicate their service through 3rd party Web sites
    (e.g., a webcaster who offers music to listeners at Starbucks.com) would
    pay $0.005 (five-tenths of one cent) per performance without a revenue
    * Webcasters would pay a separate royalty fee for the making of
    "ephemeral recordings" (e.g., server copies) that would be equal to
    10% of the royalty calculated under the options above.

How is it that we are profiting from the artists if we are not making a


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