[icecast] Client Woes

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Sep 10 16:23:59 UTC 2001

> The URL looks like this:  http://www.RainbowRadio.com:8000/club.mp3
> My goal is to instruct users as how Winamp may be brought up to play
> the stream automatically.  I am migrating from Real Audio to
> Icecast, but I cannot complete the migration with users having so much
> trouble with the streams.

So what did you expect to happen just having people click on an MP3?

Here's how browsers work.


Oh, a file.  I'll download it.  
[ After download ]
What type a file is it. Oh mp3!  I'll hand that to application X.

The way to prevetn this download, or rather to work around it, is to use
a small intermediate playlist file.  In order to get maximum client
support, m3u files are best.  Just make an m3u file called  stream.m3u
and in it put:


Then point your users to that file.  Which will quickly download, get
sent to the player registered for M3u's, and then the player will
connect and start to stream that file.


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