[icecast] Client Woes

Todd Merriman todd at toolz.com
Mon Sep 10 16:08:43 UTC 2001

My problem is not with the Icecast server, but with my user's ability
to get a decent client to play the streams.  I have 3 Icecast streams
created using Ices, and the mountpoints have the mp3 extension.
My users and I have observed:

1) If Quick Time is brought up by the browser, it skips and chokes on
the stream.
2) If Windows Media is brought up by the browser, it will do either of
two things:
        a) Try to download an Active-X component from Microsoft, which will
        then not play the stream, or
        b) Try to buffer 30-50 Meg, even though the player options are set to 
        buffer only 5 seconds worth of audio.
3) There does not seem to be a way in Windoze to get the browser to
bring up Winamp or Real Player when the stream is selected.

Real Player and Winamp play the streams fine but cannot be configured
to be brought up by the browser even though they are told to associate with
.mp3 media.  These players will play the stream if the URL below is
entered directly into the player's location input field.

The URL looks like this:  http://www.RainbowRadio.com:8000/club.mp3

My goal is to instruct users as how Winamp may be brought up to play
the stream automatically.  I am migrating from Real Audio to
Icecast, but I cannot complete the migration with users having so much
trouble with the streams.

Todd Merriman - Rainbow Radio Sound & Light
+1 770 889 5897
8030 Pooles Mill Dr., Ball Ground, GA 30107
dj at RainbowRadio.com

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