[icecast] VBR reencoding @128k problem

Nough Krapough nocrapo at mail.com
Fri Sep 7 04:30:19 UTC 2001

I did some further investigating into this issue and here's what I found:

It appears somewhere between ices0.1.0 and ices 0.2.0 is where the "bug" (for lack of a better term) was introduced that i'm noticing.  When I compile ices0.2.0 w/lame 3.89beta, the VBR is *NOT* reencoded, but instead streamed out at full VBR bitrate(s).  However, when using ices0.1.0 w/lame 3.89beta, it properly streams the VBR mp3 @ 128k.  

I've tried various combinations of ices & lame, but pretty much narrowed it down to changes between ices 0.1.0 and 0.2.0.  I wasn't privy to any ices CVS sources between those two versions, otherwise I would have tried those to further narrow down the changes.

Jack, Brendan, or others that may know, would that change be intended for some reason, or am I the only person seeing it?  Can anyone else reproduce my findings?  I kinda feel like i'm smockin crack here, or mebbe the only person trying to reencode VBRs? *shrug*

Any feedback would be welcome :)

Thanks and mad props to the icecast crew!

Ghetto Nough (err, sumthin)

PS - Is another forum more appropriate for this question?  I tried searching through the mailing archives but the search is broked :(

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> I've noticed that when I try to reencode VBR mp3s  to broadcast @128k , they are not being reencoded at all.  They stream as normal VBRs  I am unable to reproduce this at lower bitrates (56-112k i've specifically tested and all work fine).  It does reencode all non-VBR mp3s appropriately to 128k... Any ideas why VBR reencoding would suddenly stop working at 128k?


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