[icecast] possible solution...?

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Tue Sep 4 18:23:15 UTC 2001

William Goldsmith wrote:
> How long has that system been up? Back when I was using Winamp/Win98 as a
> stream source it would do that after a day or two. Sometimes closing &
> restarting Winamp would help - more often I'd need to reboot.

D'uh, the uptime was no more than a few hours. :P

> Win2000 would probably work better - of course ices on Linux would be best
> :-)

Yeah, this would've been my next step - right now, that box is off for
upgrading. ;) The thing why I prefer to have it work with Win98 is
because this is both the computer with all my oggs and mp3s, and my most
important program runs under DOS. :-/

I'll see how this all works out under W2k. If that solves the problem,
it's propably time for yet another w98 reinstall. Grr.


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> Subject: [icecast] possible solution...?
> > Uaaargh ... between now and the last mail, everything's gone kaploohey.
> > But I doubt that it concerns icecast too much in this case - the
> > streaming computer has a cpu load of 90-100% for no reason (it's an
> > athlon 1ghz with only winamp and ssh and the system monitor running
> > under win98). The playback on the streaming computer sounds good,
> > though, but what reaches the client side is no more than stuttering,
> > fast forwarding and rebuffering every 30 seconds. :P
> >
> > Ideas, any?
> >
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> >
> > Moritz

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