[icecast] Vorbis streems, old and new

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Fri Oct 26 15:55:04 UTC 2001

Hi all:

Well, after making the change to make use of the CVS trees and switching to
ices2 (as opposed to the libshout example streamer), the icecast server at
bumpy.braille.uwo.ca:9000 is back up.  I've put my old 22khz mono files
(encoded with beta4) back up on test.ogg.  In addition, we've implemented a
vorbis subset of Kirk Reiser's egoplay MP3 stream.  You can now hear all
the vorbis encoded songs in his collection at
http://bumpy.braille.uwo.ca:9000/egoplay.ogg (these were encoded at 128kbps
mode).  There is also a re-encode at
http://bumpy.braille.uwo.ca:9000/egoplay64.ogg (the usual re-encode quality
issues apply here).  The playlist is growing daily, so check it out.  Of
course, if you want to hear the entire collection using MP3 (icecast 1.x
and ices 1.x CVS), you can connect to:

128kbps http://bumpy.braille.uwo.ca:8000/egoplay
 56kbps http://bumpy.braille.uwo.ca:8000/egoplay56
 24kbps http://bumpy.braille.uwo.ca:8000/egoplay24

We do have some bandwidth, so anyone wanting to do some vorbis streaming
with icecast2, let me or Kirk know and we'll see what we can do.


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