[icecast] Win32 not relaying ogg

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Tue Oct 23 14:46:44 UTC 2001

Leo Currie wrote:
> Hi - This is my first post, so please excuse me if I screw up in any way :)
> I have been trying to get icecast to relay an Ogg Vorbis stream. I have the
> 1.3.7 win32 version and in the icecast.conf file i have

1st problem is that only Icecast 2.0 supports OGG streams, while older
servers are restricted to MP3 streaming. I don't know of any Win32
binaries of Icecast 2.0 (which is still beta). Maybe someone else can
help you out.

> alias radiofg.ogg http://ra.voila.fr:8000/radiofg.ogg
> I think that this should allow me to point a client at
> http://fusion1.studio.strath.ac.uk:8000/radiofg

On an Icecast 2.0 server, you'd have a relay URL
"http://fusion1.studio.strath.ac.uk:8000/radiofg.ogg" . The extension
".ogg" is currently needed to let clients distinguish between MP3 and
OGG streams.


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