[icecast] Another icecast2 question

Mike hodson mystica at darktech.org
Tue Oct 23 01:00:21 UTC 2001

On Tue, 23 Oct 2001 10:39:01 +1000
Michael Smith <msmith at labyrinth.net.au> wrote:

> It should take little to no cpu (I haven't yet tested it with enough users
> to take it above... 0.1% cpu?), so there's a serious problem here.
> Michael

Ok, That's not good then.. Hmm..
Here's my setup currently.
libogg-1.0rc2, libvorbis-1.0rc2, (both from the vorbis.com unix download
page) icecast2 cvs from last night, running on FreeBSD 4.3. It might not
matter much, but I am also using libao-0.80 and vorbis-tools-1.0rc2 from
vorbis.com as well.

Hardware is a pentium-3/550mhz, 768 megs of ram, not doing much more
than serving about 10 smaller websites. (between 10-20 megs a piece,
minimal php/perl scripting). If anyone wants to know a bit more about
the hardware its running on or the software it has, let me know.

Also, as previously stated, the only change i've made so far with the
Makefiles for icecast (to make it work) was removing -lpthread from LIBS,
and adding -pthread to CFLAGS. Everything else was installed the 'normal'
tar zxvf file.tar.gz
./configure --prefix=/usr (couldnt get the thing to pick up the libs in
/usr/local)  && make && make install


<mystica at darktech.org>

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