[icecast] winamp shout

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Sat Oct 20 20:47:16 UTC 2001

> 1. icecast doesn't seem to recognize when a client disconnects.  i enabled the shoutcast and icecast directory servers, and they were both saying that i had around 400 listeners last night, when in fact i only had 8.  the only lines in the icecast configuration file that seem to have anything to do with managing client connections are set like this:

Could be a bug in icecast, though I wouldn't think so.  I would keep
kick_clients at it's default value, in case there is a bug with
non-standard values.

> 2. this shoutcast streamer seems to send the meta data and actual audio stream to random mountpoints.  usually it's icy_0/icy_1, but sometimes icecast will refuse the encoder saying "invalid mountpoint".  there don't seem to be any obvious configuration options on this streamer.  my meta data options are set like this:

Dont' use that lame dsp plugin :)  Use oddsocks at www.oddsock.org.  It
supports mountpoints properly.

> i used to have use_meta_data set to 0, but i set it to 1 hoping it would clean this up a bit.  does anybody know what's going on?

Not sure what you mean.


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