[icecast] livestreams, anyone have good success ?

buggz buggz at america.net
Sat Oct 20 15:30:39 UTC 2001

On Sat, 20 Oct 2001, Akos Maroy wrote:

/me cries, bummer deal.
Yes, running as root.
The load was in the 'teens as I remember, I looked @ that too.
One CPU was like 15% and the other 11%, something like that.
2.2.19ext3 #2 SMP, 200nhz ppros, 128mb ram.
Yeah, I know it's an old boxen, but it has been very good to me so far.
What system should I be looking at to get this to work ?

> buggz wrote:
> > Oct 20 10:30:43 buggz1 kernel: Sound: Recording overrun
> > Oct 20 10:31:14 buggz1 last message repeated 345 times
> > Oct 20 10:32:11 buggz1 last message repeated 601 times
> > 
> > Anyway to correct this ?
> yes, your system is too slow, and can not keep up with the sound card
> input. are you running darkice as root? what is the system load when you
> run darkice or liveice?

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