[icecast] vorbis bitrates - offtopic

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Sat Oct 20 11:01:24 UTC 2001


I'm experimenting with IceCast2, using DarkIce to generate the stream. I
have found some peculiarities with the vorbis bitrates.

In DarkIce, I call vorbis_encode_init() with about the following values:

vorbis_encode_init( &vorbisInfo, 2, 44100, 96, 96, 96);

which by all reasons should generate a 96 kb/s stream, as all
max_bitrate, nominal_bitrate and min_bitrate are set to 96. Strangely
enough, the generated stream's bitrate (according to XMMS and WinAmp)
varies between 49 and 59.

If I try to set the same bitrate to a low 24, I never get a stream below
about 44 kb/s.

Could anyone enlighten me on these strange behaviours? It would be quite
important to be able to produce a stream that still fits 33.6 kb/s modem


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