[icecast] Newbie question - on demand streaming?

Steve @ musicmine.net
Tue Oct 9 10:41:30 UTC 2001


>> Just thinking about migrating from Shoutcast.....  I have a question
>> on how to make Icecast behave as I have Shoutcast running, and provide
>> "on demand" streaming via my web server. In other words, currently I
>> have a link on my webserver such as thus:
> If you already ahve a websserver, why use icecast or shoutcast at all?

Well, a number of reasons.  Dedicated streamers are better at streaming
audio/video than webservers, the major reason for using Shoutcast et
al.  .m3u files suck (which is how I presume you feel I should be streaming
from my webserver).....I seem to remember you have to play around with mime
types et al.  Dedicated streaming gives me the ability to do live
broadcasts and thus gives me greater flexability than just using my
webserver.  Webservers are intended for delivering markup language and are
good at it.  Thus I prefer leaving them to do that and that alone.
Seperating duties tends to give a nicely cohesive environment...i.e. My
webserver dishes up web pages, my audio server dishes up audio.  Nice
design principles in there somewhere.  etc etc.....I could go on.

The reason I wanna go Icecast is that I'd like a truly GPL'd environment,
not some pseudo one like Shoutcast.

So lets just take it for given that I'm mad and that I'm gonna use a
dedicated streamer such as Icecast.  Can I make it behave like Shoutcast's
on demand feature detailed in my original mail?


Steve Huckle

Imagine a world with no hypothetical situations....

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