[icecast] Encrypted password problem with icecast 1.3.11

Thomas Steiger Tom at riptech.com
Mon Nov 19 17:03:53 UTC 2001

Hi All,

I have recently downloaded and compiled IceCast 1.3.11 with the crypt option
turned on. Once I did this I have not been able to access the ADMIN console
through telnet.  I got the latest version of mkpasswd from CVS and compiled
it.  I have included the encrypted version of the password into the
configuration file and then started icecast. 

Am I doing something wrong? One thing that seems strange to me is that the
encryption of the same plaintext password does not produce that same
cyphertext. This seems to go against the repeatability that would be needed
for confirming that the password that I enter is the same as the one in the
configuration file.

If I encrypt abc123 as the plaintext password several times here is the

[root at gala icecast-1.3.11]# ./mkpasswd
[root at gala icecast-1.3.11]# ./mkpasswd
[root at gala icecast-1.3.11]# ./mkpasswd
[root at gala icecast-1.3.11]# ./mkpasswd
[root at gala icecast-1.3.11]#

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


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