[icecast] final question: how many mountpoints can icecast handle ?

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Wed Nov 7 14:47:29 UTC 2001

The others had nice comments as well so I will just touch on a few
points.  I also agree that Apache is your best bet for what you are
trying to do.

> - per 25-50 concurrent users one single server

it's 'per stream' not 'per user'.  If it's one stream per user then it
equals the same thing.

> So problem is, if I wanted to handle, say 1000 streams,
> I would need 200 Servers..this puts the concept a bit 
> in jeopardy because that would push the cost of the service 
> into astronomical..in comparison to handling, as I had planned 
> until now, 500 individual streams per server.

You're confusing terms slightly.  When I said 'server' I meant the
icecast server, and here you are using it to mean a physical machine.

You can run lots and lots of mountpoints on one physical machine, but
only 25-50 per icecast instance.  You can certainly run 20 icecast
instances on the same physical machine to get the number of mountpoints
you want.  It's not much more effort, and shouldn't cost you anything


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