[icecast] mysterious timeouts

Wagner One wagner at wagnerone.com
Sun Nov 4 16:45:29 UTC 2001

Hey all,

I'm running an icecast server (latest version) and providing streams to it
via ices (latest version).

Myself and many others have no trouble whatsoever connecting to the streams
and listening indefinitely. There are a good number of people that have
tried and tried to connect but either get constant drops and/or cannot
connect at all.

The only thing I could attribute it to was the possible problems with
streaming the meta data. At first I had "use_meta_data 1" in the icecast
config, changed it to "use_meta_data 0" to some good effect I believe as at
least one person said his problem ceased immediately after that. At some
point I just removed the "use_meta_data" line entirely. I'm not entirely
sure how to ensure no meta data whatsoever is used. At this point clients
still receive the station name, the URL and the song title (actually just
the file name I believe-though at times it still seems to pick up additional

I wouldn't be surprised if some of the connecting people are just clueless.
You'll have that, but some of them I know personally and have been giving
them all sorts of things to try in order to connect.

The people that I trust for valid feedback are able to connect to several
other streaming mp3 stations (not hosted on my machine) and use a variety of
clients (winamp/itunes/etc.).

I didn't see a way to disable throttling so I cranked it up beyond that of
my actual bandwidth. I have plenty of unused bandwidth. That should not be
an issue (and the people that can connect never have drops or any issues).

Any particular information I should be collecting from the clients having
the issues and/or anything that strikes anyone right off about any server
config issues I may be having? Happy to provide additional details if


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