[icecast] different play lists on different ports?

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Thu May 31 17:40:59 UTC 2001

> I'm running icecast 3.1.10 (from the ports collection) on a freebsd 4.3

First of all, I hope you meant 1.3.10.  If there's an icecast 3.1.10
floating around, there are bigger problems.

> machine with a hacked version of iceplay doing the encoding.  With older
> version of icecast you could start multiple instances and tell iceplay to
> broadcast to each one of those instances with a different playlist.  This
> version of icecast seems to only run one instance, even if I try to start more
> than one.

1.3.10 definately works with multiple mounts (what you called
instances) without problems.  You likely are using the wrong option to
iceplay (god knows why you are using that really outdated and inadequate

At the console in icecast, you can see what mountpoints the sources try
to grab. Type sources will also show you this.

> So, I've tried using multiple ports in the icecast.conf file, but every port
> plays the same playlist.  Is this a "feature" or should I actually be able to
> point different encoding processes with different play lists at each port I
> define in icecast.conf?

The ports all do the exact same thing.  Each port is just a copy, their
only real use is Shoutcast compatibility since they do everything on
different ports.  We do everything on one port, but you can specify
multiple ports.  Each port is the saem as the others.

However, requestings different mountpoints on the any port should get
you the different streams.  

Here are a few other random idea:
you playlist files are either the same, or are getting mixed together? 
you aren't requesting mountpoints, but always the default mount?


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