[icecast] Stallman @ NYU

WWWhatsup joly at dti.net
Thu May 31 02:33:26 UTC 2001

um, where is sox?

is there any lind of user guide, list of switches/methods for oggenc
for CLI-challenged?

I gave it a try last night and it refused my source - was that cos
it's mono? (44khz 16bit wav)

anyway I fedexed the wavs up to gnu.org on a couple of cd's with
their vhs.. they are on the case now.

I have re-recorded the audio as stereo for CD and am going to give
oggenc another try tho, looking to fit it on a CD-rom with a 
couple of mpeg-1's..

> Use sox to take them to mono and 22kHz, then specify -b1 for the
> bitrate, and they will encode well below 128.  These features will make
> it into a future version of oggenc, but for now, manual processing with
> sox is necessary.
> jack.

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