[icecast] FreeBSD in general

jan at hundert6.de jan at hundert6.de
Wed May 30 15:50:25 UTC 2001


> I'm using icecast1.3.10 (latest cvs), liveice and lame 3.88 on
> a FreeBSD 4.3 
> box.  It's only a Pentium II-233, but it keeps up with
> encoding a 
> low-bandwidth radio stream (anywhere from 16 to 64 kbits) just
> fine.  Icecast 
> is trivial in terms of CPU and memory usage: from 0.8 - 2 %
> CPU time and 
> about 4MB of resident memory.  

that's good news. It was clear to me the high load was kind of
bogus, since the whole system overall stayed pretty reactive.
But it was confusing nonetheless. 

> FreeBSD doesn't have any audio drivers in the default kernel,
> so the first 
> thing is to recompile the kernel, adding the proper driver
> (probably "pcm").

Thanks, but I know that, I've been using FreeBSD for a while ;o))
> If you don't have the newer sock.c (from CVS, not in the
> 1.3.10.tgz 
> distribution), you will likely hear "looping" problems, so
> make sure to get 
> it.

Aah, alright. Thanks for the hint. 

> Some things that seemed to improve network performance and
> help crappy 
> players like RealAudio not rebuffer:

Thanks for these hints as well. You probably saved me a lot of
painful testing. 
> It's been rock solid and we're very happy with it, and the
> combo of FreeBSD + 
> icecast + liveice + lame + donated old hardware = good value
> for a 
> non-profit, community radio station.  

Well, the combination appeared to make sense to me, but after
the last try I was a bit uncertain. You certainly clarified that

> Plus, with the call
> letters KGNU, open 
> source just makes sense.  :-)

Hm... Hundert,6 doesn't really have any connotations, does it
> There are several other radio stations doing this, and I've
> contacted many of 
> them to try to find their "best practices."  You're in good
> company.

Very well. 

Good to know that. 

Cheers, Jan

Radio HUNDERT,6 Medien GmbH Berlin
- EDV -
j.muenther at radio.hundert6.de

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