[icecast] Multiple sources on one Icecast server

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Mon May 7 05:19:25 UTC 2001

> How could you get it to work? That is, is there a way to set things 
> up so the different machines always stream to specific mount points 
> determined by the ip addresses? I need that.

icecast can identify the shoutcast dsp plugin.  So it automatically gets
a mountpoint.  icy mountpoints always looke like /icy_0 or /icy_1

Each new icy source gets a new mountpoint.

What icecast _can't_ do is tell apart two icy sources from the same ip
address.  It has no way to know if it's hte same source reconnecting or
not.  So an icy source from the same ip would probably get kicked.

> From two different ips, icecast will know they are separate sources, and
they will get assigned mountpoints.

The problem, really, is that you don't have any control of what htose
mountpoint are.  You don't know if it will by icy_0 or icy_1.  There are
probably tricks you can do to be reasonably sure, like start them in the
same order, etc.

We did the best we could.

I think multiple sources on a server is an important feature.  Just like
multiple files on a webserver.  It's a pity that Nullsoft hasn't at
least modified their tools the tiny amount they'd need to for this.

But that's why there's people like Oddsock filling in the gaps :)


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