[icecast] icecast 2.0 semi-permanent test stream

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Thu May 3 22:04:57 UTC 2001

Icecast 2.0 and Ices 2.0 are both fairly usable now.

I have set up a semi-permanent test stream for people to bang on at:


Please report any problems you have.

I say semi-permanent, because it will probably crash now and then, and I
will be developing and putting up the new versions on a regular basis.
If it stops working for more than an hour, somethings wrong.

I'm also moving in two weeks, so it will probably cease to exist about
that time.


ogg123 -  mostly broken in regards to streaming.  the "W: stream error"
message (or whatever similar message) is normal.  ogg123's streaming is
likely to be rewritten at some point, definately before the next major
vorbis release.

xmms - works great.  no known issues.  BUT you need the at least the
beta4 vorbis plugin (cvs if you can get it) AND (and this is extremely
important) the CVS version of the mpg123 input plugin.  Symptoms of not
upgrading your mpg123 plugin include constant rebuffering.  If you
report this error without upgrading the mpg123 plugin, I will probably 
slap you :)

freeamp - vakor has been working with the freeamp guys.  You'll need
whatever the latest version is, possibly the latest beta version.
afaik, there are no known issues with freeamp streaming.

winamp - the beta4 plugin includes streaming, but it's horribly bad,
just like ogg123.  The entire winamp plugin is scheduled for a rewrite,
or at the very least a severe gutting.  Winamp streaming _does_ work,
but your mileage may vary.

Ok guys, test away.  The stream is a 128kbps vorbis stream.  It's vbr,
but shouldn't vary too much.  And it should sound absolutely excellent

All songs are encoded with beta4.


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