[icecast] more directory questions

Mark Lehrer mark at knm.org
Wed May 2 19:43:27 UTC 2001

   > I'm learning more, it looks like shoutcast is never going to work
   > without using some closed source software, but the other directories
   > give me a "directory server error #0".  Are these errors documented
   > anywhere?

   With the changes in cvs icecast i made just recently (CVS icecast is the
   latest release on the website + these changes I'm discussing) you should
   be able to use yp.shoutcast.com correctly.

   You should be able to use yp.icecast.org correctly in either icy or
   normal directory mode.

directory mode gave a -1, but icy mode works!!  Thanks.  The next
question I have (there's always one more isn't there 8-):

I have metadata enabled, and I am doing a relay from my home dsl
system to the t-1 system, which is doing the yp updates.  However, my
shoutcast entry doesn't have the longer description or the "now
playing" option - should metadata take care of this, and will metadata
survive through a relay?

Thanks again,

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