[icecast] newby question: Is there a way to direct streamstoa mount point?

Bryan Walls Bryan.Walls at msfc.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 30 17:21:17 UTC 2001

>On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Bryan Walls wrote:
>| Is there a way to direct icecast to associate a stream from a
>| particular source to a designated mount point?
>| I've got two different streams I'm encoding that I'd like to make
>| available on the same server. Currently, I have one going to /icy_0
>| and the other to /icy_1. That's okay for the moment, but if either
>| the server or the two encoders reboot, the streams might reconnect in
>| the other order. Bummer.
>| So I'd like to tell icecast to always name the stream from one IP one
>| thing, they other the other. Is there any way, either simple or
>| tricky, to do this?
>Why couldnt you have the stream specify it's own mount point name? Does
>your streaming software not support this?
>But to answer your question... no, icecast does/can not name a mount point
>in relation to it's source IP.
What streaming software does support naming the mount point? I'm 
familiar with WinAmp, and have been using MacAmp most recently, both 
with broadcast modules designed with Shoutcast in mind. It lets you 

I tried using an address like

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