[icecast] chopped audio problem

Asymmetric all at biosys.net
Tue Mar 27 16:44:19 UTC 2001

At 09:37 3/27/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Turn off metadata and see if the problem goes away.  Just for grins.
>metadata should work fine.  I tested jwz's 1.3.10 server yesterday.

metadata doesn't work fine.. it works for longer periods than it did 
before.. but if I have it on, it invariably starts goofing up the stream 
and I get a sound somewhat like a train wreck out of my speakers.  I had to 
switch back to sc because of this.. email complaints about not having song 
titles show up in players, and then.. well.. you can imagine the complaints 
about the out of sync noises.

So far it hasn't worked right with me in 1.3.{7,9,10}

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