[icecast] content on demand HOWTO available

Todd Poston tposton1 at swbell.net
Fri Mar 23 02:18:45 UTC 2001

> Todd Poston:
> > if you point most clients to an mp3 file the entire file must be
> > before it can start playing.
> i see. haven't seen this behavior before, but i'm only on linux, so this

well i should have said before i'm a win32 user and really just use winamp
for my client so I really can't say anything about linux mp3 clients :|

>would it also be 'safer' to use a dummy m3u-file
> for a stream-url, instead of pointing directly to some
> http://server:port/mountpoint ? (in sense of compatibility for various
> clients)

Some say pointing to the stream directly isn't good practice, but I think
all the mp3 players that support streaming accept that kind of link so it's
really up to you.  But you would also be alright by using a playlist file to
point to the stream.

> and does the suffix (*.pls, *.m3u) make any difference? i checked with
> xmms & freeamp, both seem to do the same thing, means playing the stream
> file. mpg123 doesn't like it...
> is there some format description for these playlist files?

As I understand it .pls is more generic "playlist" file format, while m3u is
typically mp3.
Here is a good resource for .pls files.  I use .pls files personally...
winamp, realplayer, and media player all support it, as I believe all the
linux ones do as well (please correct me if i'm wrong).


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