[icecast] About Live365..

Asymmetric asym at rfnj.org
Thu Mar 22 03:08:29 UTC 2001

If anyone else is using Live365 and having problems getting their streams 
to show up.. I found out something interesting today.

I've been emailing back and forth asking them why I can listen to my mirror 
just fine on their service if I use the javascript I ripped out of their 
site and put into mine to open up their little mini-window, but when I do a 
search for the station it doesn't show up; also if I add it to my presets 
on their site and then open the presets, it always shows the station as 

It turns out that if you're streaming at any rate higher than 56kbps, they 
don't list you in their directory.  The "official" word from support is 
that they don't support rates over that.  I was streaming at 96kbps and 
although as I said, I could listen just fine if I went through my link, 
nobody searching for me or getting listings from live365 would be able to 
even find my streams.

Anyway.. I've backed my entire stream off to 56kbps, and it's not half bad 
for the additional users I can support now.. doesn't sound to terribly bad 
I guess either.

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