[icecast] Icecast/LiveIce Problems

David S. Geirsson andmann at andmann.eu.org
Tue Mar 20 14:48:20 UTC 2001

First of all, please define "Linux 7.0", since the last time I knew linux
was only up to 2.4. It annoys me incredibly when people refer to the
distribution version xx as "linux version xx".

Now, you are correct in saying that they probably can't coexist because of
soundcard issues. There is, however, an XMMS IceCast plugin.

Also, buffering only means that either you should lower your bitrate, or
increase the buffer size in winamp, althought this will take longer to load.

On Tue, Mar 20, 2001 at 09:21:19AM -0500, Todd Goodman wrote:
> I'm having a couple problems trying to get Icecast and LiveIce set up on
> a Linux 7.0 system.
> I'm running Icecast 1.3.10 without a config file (using all defaults).
> I can use shout to stream to it and connect to it from a windows machine
> running WinAmp.  It works OK except winamp stops every few seconds and
> tells me that it's buffering.  It buffers for a few seconds and then
> plays a few more seconds.  Does anyone have any ideas here?
> My other problem is with LiveIce streaming.  What I want to do is use
> XMMS on a Linux machine play and then have LiveIce stream this.  I don't
> think I can run XMMS and LiveIce on the same machine since they both
> want to use the soundcard.
> So what I've done is run icecast on the machine running XMMS and then
> cable from line out on that sound card to line in on another Linux
> machine which is running LiveIce.  I can plug in speakers on that
> machine and hear what's playing from the first, but when I try to listen
> to that stream from winamp all I get is a bunch of clicks (like when you
> play back a VBR mp3 with a decoder that can't do it).  I've tried using
> both lame and xingmp3enc (with the kernel module).
> I hope that these are simple config problems and that someone can help
> out.
> Thanks,
> Todd Goodman
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Davíð Steinn Geirsson
andmann at andmann.eu.org

"Support staff hung over, Send aspirin and come back LATER."

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