[icecast] Re: [vorbis] another Icecast2/Vorbis stream on-line

Scott Manley scott at myplay.com
Fri Mar 16 18:38:11 UTC 2001

> SOURCE $mountpoint ICE/1.0\n
> ice-password: $password\n
> ice-name: $name\n
> ice-url: $url\n
> ice-genre: $genre\n
> ice-bitrate: $bitrate\n
> ice-public: $public\n
> ice-description: $description\n\n

Cool - I'll code this in right now....

There's no brains to this code right now, it just modifies the encoder
example to read from teh soundcard and send to a socket.

It's only half an hour's work so far, I'm now trying to get Icecast2.0
compiled  - I'm getting a load of messages like this.
config.c:265: structure has no member named `xmlChildrenNode'

Scott Manley (AKA Szyzyg)
Streaming Media Hacker

Listening to..... Floorgasm II - The Hard House Years

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