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Fri Mar 16 04:41:23 UTC 2001

> I'm running icecast 1.3.10 on FreeBSD 3.5-Stable, and my source is
> Winamp  2.72 w/ Shoutcast DSP 1.8.0.

Hmm, that may explain it, I guess the streaming source from windows is
streaming the right info to icecast, and the yp.shoutcast.com likes it
(after all, your streaming plugin is from the shoutcast people).  Hm.  I
can't (and don't want to use) windows to do the streaming; would be nice if
there was a linux solution that would work: linux stream -> icecast ->

> If you tune in with winamp, sonique, or some other client that doesn't
> support x-audiocast, does it show the song titles?  I'll send you my
> icecast config file via email (sans passwords.. ;) ) and you can look
> through it and see if anything odd is sticking out.

Thanks...I'll see if there is anything that stands out that I might have


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