[icecast] Getting Listed

Harry Hahn hhahn at gilman.dhs.org
Tue Mar 13 08:15:24 UTC 2001


I'm struggling with getting my stream at the various directory services out there. Here are my experiences with icecast up to and including 1.3.9, which I installed today. I've had the same problems with previous versions, dating back to when I begain using icecast last July. My icecast.conf contains the following lines:

icydir yp.shoutcast.com
directory yp.icecast.org
touch_freq 25

* yp.shoutcast.com- from following this list, I get the impression icecast flat-out doesn't work with this directory. Can any one confirm? Here's the log entry from icecast.log:

[12/Mar/2001:22:02:23] [1:Calendar Thread] directory_add([yp.shoutcast.com:80])
failed... directory server error #3... (retry in 1402 seconds)

* yp.icecast.org: you would think this should work, and the log entry appears to indicate success, but I find my stream is never actually listed! I get something like this every few minutes:

[12/Mar/2001:23:51:49] [1:Calendar Thread] directory_touch_xa([yp.icecast.org:80
]) completed...server id = 69

When I go to yp.icecast.org and try to find my stream using the search, I get nothing.

The other services listed in icecast.conf.dist also fail, with the same error as with yp.shoutcast.com above.

I've spent quite a lot of site building up the site and stream and it's depressing that no one can find it. Can anyone provide me with a clue on why my stream fails to get listed on yp.icecast.org? Are there other directory services out there I could try?


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