[icecast] Icecast and rtp

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Tue Mar 13 06:25:01 UTC 2001

> I have managed to get icecast streaming to freeamp on another computer,
> using http, but does icecast support rtp streaming of mp3 files?
> Is there any online documentation about icecast streaming using rtp?
> Also, is there any freeamp manual documentation online?
> Finding this documentation is really difficult!!

Icecast does not currently support rtp streaming.  We're planning to at
some point, but haven't gotten there yet.   We are however defining RTP
payloads for Vorbis right now, and working to finalize exactly how it
would work.

Freeamp documentation, if there is any, will be at www.freeamp.org, or
in the freeamp cvs tree.  The mp3 payload format they use is I believe
the one documented at www.live.com.

Otherwise, you should search for the RTP payload format on any site that
searches RFC's, and there are several standards (and several drafts)
disucssing rtp payloads of mpeg data.


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