[icecast] liveice Question

Scott Weingartner scott at john.ikansas.com
Mon Mar 12 18:16:25 UTC 2001

Thanks William and Scott, I appreciate the help.. Liveice and Icecast

Ive had one stream running, non stop @ 128k for over 60 hours without a
reset, restart, or a reload of anything.. Is this par for the course? 

And about that keepalive script..  Would you (or someone) be willing to
send me a sample so as I change whats needed and implement it?

Thanks a bunch!

Scott W.

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, William Goldsmith wrote:

> Works just fine - though it might not be documented (seems like this info
> was dropped from the sample liveice.cfg file in the later distributions).
> Basically, at the end of  liveice.cfg add the line:
> then define the values that would be different on the 2nd stream, ie:
> NAME  Scott's 24kb/s stream
> SERVER xxxx.yyy.com
> PORT  80xx
> PASSWORD  (if different than 128k)
> BITRATE  24000
> SAMPLE_RATE  16000
> For some reason, I've found that it's better to do the higher-bitrate stream
> in the main config, & add the lower-bitrate stream.  I've gotten 3 streams
> to work, but not often or for very long.  If I want to do 3 or 4 streams I
> use 2 cards.
> You'll probably also want to come up with some kind of keepalive. A problem
> with that is that liveice can lose connection with the server, and in fact
> stop encoding, but still show up as a running process (as will lame).  I
> have a keepalive that polls the Icecast (or Shoutcast) server as to whether
> *it* thinks the stream is connected and then (important) kills all icecast
> *and* lame processes and restarts.  Seems to work better than anything else
> I've come up with, though I'm sure there are more elegant solutions.
> Good Luck!
> bg
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> Bill Goldsmith
> www.kpig.com
> www.radioparadise.com

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