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David Parker david at neongoat.com
Mon Jun 25 18:17:05 UTC 2001

> but after few seconds of transmission it begins to fail. My mp3 files
> are all 128 at 44. May be the bandwidth to low??

It could be, is your listening client on the same network, or is it over the
internet? How fast is the connection between the icecast server and the
listening client?

It also could be because of a known bug in shout. Don't use shout. Use ices.
Shout hasn't been maintained for ages, and ices has taken its place (and is
more featureful).

>     Other question is how can I set a low stream to dial conections
> of 56K with shout,  reducing the quality of my transmission to don't
> get failure in transmission.

Ices does this.

>     I have problems with liveice that can change de sample_rate. I got
> the Lame 3.70 and compiled it with sucess. I moved the binary "lame"
> to /usr/local/bin/lame. But the liveice, with USE_LAME3 stops at :
> /usr/local/icecast/etc/playlist
> 1
> opening connection to localhost 8000
> Attempting to Contact Server
> connection successful: forking process

Liveice is very picky during the startup phase. Make sure you have read/write
access to the soundcard you specified, there are no extra spaces in the
liveice config file at the end of lines, and your soundcard can support the
sample rate/channels that you told it to use. Also try changing the config
setting to half-duplex if it's set to full-duplex. If all that fails, try
"rm -rf /PATH/TO/LIVEICE/.liveice_temp_files".


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