[icecast] [thomas at arkena.com: [vorbis] mp3pro and the mp3 streaming license]

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Sat Jun 9 19:52:43 UTC 2001

> I agree with that much of it, but that doesn't seem to me like such a "bad" 
> deal.  I applaud the vorbis effort, don't get me wrong, but I don't think 
> it's evil for Frauhofer/IIS to charge people who want to use their 
> technology if they're using it for profit.  It may be ugly and unsavory, 
> but it's nothing to get terribly upset over.  I think it'd be far more 
> outrageous if they did decide to charge those of us that just stream for 
> free, totally out of pocket.

So uh, you think it's worth more for mp3, than the actual music

Come on.

You think it would be nice if Netscape charged 2% of all website
royalties for HTML, etc?

I think it's fine that fraunhofer charges money for their code, but this
is different.

They charge you for the tools they provide.

You have to pay for tool makers to pay royalties for tools Fraunhofer
DOESN'T make.

You ahve to pay to stream the content you already created with a tool
you already paid for.

How many times do you think they should get paid?  it's not like they
wrote any of the streaming media servers.  It's not like any of the
content that's encoded is theirs.  And hell, they didn't even write most
of the mp3 code people are using.

They just happened to be the first to submit a patent application, even
though most of their ideas are aren't that notable.  (See their patent
on joint stereo, which is try both ways, see which is better...  come
one, any 5 year old has that logic already mastered).


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