[icecast] new maintainers

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Fri Jun 8 17:09:03 UTC 2001

So I've been doing this myself for far too long, I'm glad to have some
good help these days.

ices 1.x is now going to be maintained by Brendan Cully.  Brendan has
also done most of the network/imap code in mutt, and is working on
multistreaming in ices 1.x.  Hopefully we'll see some good stuff.

ices 2.x (the vorbis version) is coming along very nicely and is
maintained by Michael Smith.  Michael's been hacking on vorbis for a
long time, and I'm glad I've got him helping on icecast finally :)

liveice is still virtually unmaintained.  it's no longer relevant with
ices 2 for vorbis things, if anyone wants to maintain this or has
patches, Scott Manley is the person to talk to.  

All other code is maintained by me.  My focus is currently on getting
icecast 2 and the new directory code out the door.  icecast 2 will do
mp3 and vorbis, but you'll need a separate source tool for each (ices
1.x or ices 2.x).  At least for now.

I'll post some of my directory stuff soon.  Progress on icecast itself
has been slow the last few weeks since I recently moved to New Mexico
(god, i love it here), and won't have DSL until tuesday.  

Modems suck.


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