[icecast] Adventures with icecast2

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Wed Jun 6 09:15:39 UTC 2001

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Michael Smith wrote:

> >	$(CC) -o example example.c -L../src -lshout -L../../log -logg -lvorbis
> >
> >The question being, is it getting libshout from ../src or from /usr/lib?
> Try linking it with an explicit library (like
> gcc -o example example.c ../src/libshout.a  (plus other arguments that it
> needs)
> That'll at least ensure that it's statically linked with the right library,
> which is enough for testing purposes.

hmmmm..So you don't use -l for static libs (I really know next to nothing
about this stuff).  I'lll give it a shot.

> Your config files look fine. Are you sure you're telling icecast to use
> this file?

Oh yes.  If I'm sure of nothing else, I'm sure of this.  Since I'm running
as a user on someone else's system, it complains a lot if I don't (can't
open /usr/local/icecast bla bla bla).  And the XML is displayed by the
server upon startup, or in my case, is written to nohup.out.

> Nothing else comes to mind.

Lets hope it's the libs then.

> Once you get this working, you might also like to try ices2, which now
> does most of what it needs to for an initial release (apart from some
> more extension playlist stuff) - it works well (at least for me). It even
> has an (untested) oss input module for live encoding from line-in.

Cool.  This is mainly to establish that the server works.  I'll probably
try ices on my own system, but the server needs to be where the bandwidth
is.  Where is ices2 living, is it icecast CVS or bitkeeper?


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