[icecast] Admin question[s]

Kevin Brouelette kevin1a at socal.rr.com
Fri Jun 1 04:34:55 UTC 2001


I'm brand new to this streaming stuff so please bear with me.
I have installed and am running icecast 1.3.10,  ices latest version:
0.0.1 beta5
and/or   shout  0.8.0.   No major problems with the exception of the
clients like to drop off
[and I see this problem posted before but didn't see any fix for it].
Btw... this is on Linux Slackware 7 operating system.

My question is regarding accessing the 'admin' console via telnet.
I can 'telnet localhost 8000' from the same terminal and type in my
'password' and  I get this:


Then I hit <enter> 2 times and see:


So I'm in but can't get any response to any command I give [not even
Now what I do see when I browse http://localhost:8000/test.cgi
when I connect this way is a new mount called /icy_0

 /icy_0       localhost               8
0                                            - Brian Setzer Orchestra -

That's as far as I get with the admin stuff.  Can anyone give me some
I did setup user.aut, group.aut, mounts.aut and the basic config files
per the doc'/README's/FAQ's/ and Manuals
to get this far.

Anyhelp is appreciated.


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