[icecast] IceS 0.2.2 released

Brendan Cully brendan at icecast.org
Tue Jul 31 21:39:50 PDT 2001

I've just packaged up ices 0.2.2. You may find it at

This release supports different hosts per mount. This requires you to
update your config files, since the Server node has been moved inside
the Stream tab. See the bundled config file for an example.

The other gotcha is that it finally loads the perl module as a module,
which means that you have to make sure your module returns a positive
value at the end. Previously you could get away with omitting this.

Playlist scripts are a bit friendlier now, in that you only have to
define ices_get_next. The other functions are optional.

There have also been more bug fixes (ok, mostly some buffer sizes have
been doubled :)) which make ices more stable on other platforms or
when reencoding odd or VBR mp3 files.

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