[icecast] Sacrilege, but...

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Wed Jul 25 17:59:40 UTC 2001

> A status update: as you will have seen from my earlier post, I broke down 
> and got the CVS version of icecast.  Having compiled this up I get a good 
> stream at home (cable modem) and a seemingly good stream over 100Base-T 
> local to the machine at work (although winamp still flashes its little red 
> light at me - odd!)

This may sound stupid, but did you set the HTTP streaming buffer high
enough ? (I usually put it at about 128 or 256 K).  Also, be sure not to
to put the pre-load percentage too high; 50 % should do fine.

Also, if you use XMMS, I really recommend using xmms-crossfade.  Not only
does it give you a nice buffer monitor, it also helps tremendously (a lot
more than xmms internal buffer) in smoothing out the stream and catching
buffer underruns.  When using it, you sometimes see XMMS rebuffer, but it
has no effect whatsoever on the audio output, which is a very good thing.
These days I can let xmms run for 12 hours straight without any problem
whatsoever on 128k streams.

just some suggestions ...


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