[icecast] Sacrilege, but...

Mike Prudence mjp at filmsat59.com
Wed Jul 25 17:15:51 UTC 2001

Hi all,

>It looks like there's a legitimate hard-to-find bug in there somewhere,
>but on the bright side, icecast 2 seems to have _none_ of these
>problems.  We might try all reporing our glibc versions, OS versions and
>vendors, and system load while broadcasting to see if there are any
>obvious similarities.

Well, just for the record...

Linux 2.2.16-3 #1 Mon Jun 19 18:49:25 EDT 2000 i586 unknown

6:05pm  up 117 days, 22:33,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

As you can see, not too up to date, but also very lightly loaded (!)

A status update: as you will have seen from my earlier post, I broke down 
and got the CVS version of icecast.  Having compiled this up I get a good 
stream at home (cable modem) and a seemingly good stream over 100Base-T 
local to the machine at work (although winamp still flashes its little red 
light at me - odd!)

I'd appreciate any reports if anyone would care to tune in  - 

I've spent the rest of the day fighting with icedj, and finally gave 
up.  Either it needs a custom version of shout, or I really did configure 
it wrong!

I've had a bit of trouble locating some of the other tools mentioned 
briefly (hampered by the lack of search facility on the mailing list 
archives).  What are people using in general to feed playlists to ices ??

Only remaining irritation is ices desire to just go away after a while with 
this error....

Warning: Encountered error while transfering 
/usr/local/icecast/mp3/mjp01/trk8.mp3. [Libshout reported send error: 
Libshout socket error.]
Libshout communication problem, trying to reconnect to server
Failed reconnecting to server, error: 3
Ices Exiting...

Nothing really amiss in icecast.log (it just says the source has timed out).

Restarting ices gets it going again.  My ices command line is...

/usr/local/icecast/bin/ices -B -b 128 -d "Jazz/Funk/Rock from Films at 59" 
-F /usr/local/icecast/etc/$1 -g "Jazz/Funk/Rock" -h localhost -m zzzzz -n 
"Films at 59 Radio (Radio59)" -p nnnn -P xxxx -u 

$1 is something like 'playlist.txt'

Any ideas ???



mjp at filmsat59.com                                 http://www.filmsat59.com
Films at 59 Ltd, 59 Cotham Hill, Bristol. BS6 6JR ENGLAND +44 117 906 4300

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