[icecast] liveice SAVE_FILE

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Tue Jul 17 13:31:13 UTC 2001

(A second try - this seems to have disappeared into the void the first time
I sent it, some hours ago).

At 06:15 PM 7/16/01 -0500, you wrote:
>At 8:38 AM +1000 7/17/01, Michael Smith wrote:
>>  >BTW: Will ices support live streaming for vorbis?  Or are there other live
>>>streaming sources out there (like MuSE, which I like, but haven't gotten
>>>a chance to really stress-test yet.)
>>ices2 (which is a seperate program, written by different people) does
>>vorbis streaming. It also does live streaming. Feel free to ask me
>>for any features that are missing.
>Live streaming as in MP3 encoding (via LAME) a steam?

ices2 doesn't support MP3 output (nor does it support mp3 input, but it
may in the future). Use ices for mp3 streaming. 

I'm not entirely sure what you mean - do you mean _reading_ an mp3 stream
from the network, re-encoding it to vorbis, and then outputting to an
icecast (well, icecast2) server? If so, this would be pretty easy to add,
but there isn't explicit support for it currently (you could do it with a
couple of pipes pretty easily, but it wouldn't be a reliable solution).

The 'live streaming' that ices2 currently supports is encoding and streaming,
in real time, PCM data. Currently, there exist two input modules in ices2 to
feed this PCM data - one reads from /dev/dsp, the other reads from stdin. 
Adding another that reads from a stream and decodes as mp3 would be fairly
simple, I guess.


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