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Bryan Walls Bryan.Walls at msfc.nasa.gov
Mon Jul 16 23:15:14 UTC 2001

At 8:38 AM +1000 7/17/01, Michael Smith wrote:
>  >BTW: Will ices support live streaming for vorbis?  Or are there other live
>>streaming sources out there (like MuSE, which I like, but haven't gotten
>>a chance to really stress-test yet.)
>ices2 (which is a seperate program, written by different people) does
>vorbis streaming. It also does live streaming. Feel free to ask me
>for any features that are missing.

Live streaming as in MP3 encoding (via LAME) a steam?

Features I'd like to see:
Specify icecast mount point
Check and restarts live streams (in case of server or network glitch) 
at a specifiable interval.

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