[icecast] liveice SAVE_FILE

David Parker david at neongoat.com
Mon Jul 16 16:41:18 UTC 2001

Hi Bruno,

> or ist there some other solution concerning dump (or save) files?

I wrote a patch that might be useful to you. It doesn't do exactly what you
described, but maybe it'll work anyway. It lets you tell liveice to close and
reopen its savefiles while it's running. You can also start/stop save_file
archiving entirely:

(probably wrapped)

To stop liveice's save files, run 'killall -USR1 liveice'. Only the liveice
processes that are actually archiving will respond to this. To close and
reopen the save file, 'killall -USR2 liveice'. This will also start the save
file if it wasn't already archiving.

Using this, you can have a script or cron job that renames the current
SAVE_FILE mp3 to a customized dated filename, then tells liveice to reopen the
save file, which will continue archiving to the default filename. If you want
to make sure that the save file isn't overwritten when you start liveice, just
rename the liveice binary to something else (liveice-real) and make a small
shell script or perl wrapper called liveice that checks for the file then runs


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