[icecast] 'corrupt' mp3s/icecast reencoding/mpglib

Darrell Berry darrellb at hhcl.com
Mon Jul 9 09:02:01 UTC 2001


icecast/ices/lame/otto all work beautifully (most of the time!)

however, certain tracks, encoded as VBR files with either grip+lame
(linux), or audiocatalyst (win2k), are unplayable (using ices to
reencode and stream at 128kbps)...ices streams a few hundred
millisenconds then quits...

from reading on the FAQ/BUGlist, the only thing i can see if that these
may be 'corrupt', causing mpdlib to crash

is there any reliable way of vetting files to see if they are playable?
i've tried mp3check, but it complains about lots of other files that
seem play play just fine, when fed thru ices+lame, so that's not a huge
help as yet...

also, just out of interest, mny of the unplayable files WILL play if i
downrate them to 96kbps rather than 128, which is the rate i normally
use, which would suggest there are timing (interrupt?) issues somewhere
at the back of the problem? i'm running icecast/cies/lame on a decently
fast PIII/RH7.1, with ices cpu useage sitting at around 20%, so i'm
assuming i have plenty of processor headroom...?

thx for any suggestions

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