[icecast] Problem with ices on OpenBSD 2.9 w/ Icecast 1.3.10

Nick Ludlam nick at ivision.co.uk
Mon Jul 9 19:54:25 UTC 2001

got a little problem with the current cvs version of ices. I'm invoking it
with the following:

ices -v -F /home/nick/icetest.pls -h localhost -P <my password>

which seems to connect ok, get past password validation, and gives
me the following:

DEBUG: Sending following information to libshout:
DEBUG: Stream: 0
DEBUG: Host: localhost  Port: 8000
DEBUG: Password: hack   Icy Compat: 0
DEBUG: Name: Default stream name        URL: http://www.icecast.org/
DEBUG: Genre: Default genre     Desc: Default description
DEBUG: Bitrate: 128     Public: 1
DEBUG: Mount: /ices     Dumpfile: (null)
Logfile opened
DEBUG: Initializing playlist handler...
DEBUG: Initializing builting playlist handler...
Mounted on
DEBUG: Builtin playlist handler serving: /home/nick/hybrid-chamjam-080301.mp3
DEBUG: Layer: III               Version: MPEG-1 Frequency: 44100
DEBUG: Bitrate: 128 kbit/s      Padding: 0      Mode: stereo
DEBUG: Ext: 0   Mode_Ext: 0     Copyright: 0    Original: 0
DEBUG: Error Protection: 0      Emphasis: 0     Stereo: 2
Playing /home/nick/hybrid-chamjam-080301.mp3
DEBUG: Initially delaying metadata update...
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

And Icecast's logfile gives the following:

-> [09/Jul/2001:19:48:59] Accepted encoder on mountpoint /ices from 1 sources connected
-> [09/Jul/2001:19:48:59] Lost connection to source on mount /ices, waiting 30 seconds for timeout
-> [09/Jul/2001:19:49:29] Kicking source 1 [] [Client timeout exceeded, removing source] [encoder], connected for 30
seconds, 0 bytes transfered. 0 sources connected
-> [09/Jul/2001:19:49:29] Kicking all 0 clients for source 1

So I've run the corefile through gdb and see the following backtrace:

#0  0x401782d6 in __swsetup ()
#1  0x40172284 in vfprintf ()
#2  0x4017202d in fprintf ()
#3  0x91c1 in log_write (log_id=-1, priority=3, cat=0x76e4 "thread/_start_routine", fmt=0x76bc "Added thread %d [%s] started at
[%s:%d]") at log.c:162
#4  0x77a2 in _start_routine (arg=0x180e0) at thread.c:536
#5  0x4002ff88 in _thread_start () at /usr/src/lib/libpthread/../libc_r/uthread/uthread_create.c:212
#6  0x17 in ?? ()
Cannot access memory at address 0xffffffff.

So does this mean that ices is dieing somewhere in libc? At this point my knowledge
of how to go further in debugging ices falls short. ktracing the output doesn't show anything
particularly useful. I'm running this on a fairly standard x86-based openbsd 2.9 box, with
icecast from the ports collection.

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?

Many thanks,

Nick Ludlam - nick at recoil.org

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