[icecast] question about icecast & winamp & media player

Thomas Kirk thomas at arkena.com
Wed Feb 28 11:41:04 UTC 2001

Hey there listmembers

On Wed, Feb 28, 2001 at 03:20:09AM -0800, Kelly Lee Myers wrote:

> As a test I fired up icecast 1.3.7 a while back and tuned into its stream,
> and winamp did the same thing after 2 hours. It basically stops, and
> continuously scans back and forth being stupid. I also tried this with
> KasterBlaster, and around the same time limit winamp 2.7 stops. About 2
> hours and a few minutes and then dead air... The big major change in winamp
> 2.7 AFAIK was the mpeg decoder. Is it possible that winamp is some how
> loosing sync with the MPEG data? There have aslo been reports of winamp
> cycling its time counter down or getting stuck in a loop and if left alone
> will eventually crash, taking a few things with it. This never happened with
> winamp 2.64 and I have had that version connected to a server for over a
> week without stopping.

I dont know about winamp, luckely i converted some months back so now
im runnig xmms and its rockstable. We are running our icecastserver
1.37 and ive been connected to the stream for days without looseing
the stream? We had some troubles with the icecast server thought, 
after a period of time it would hang up and one couldn't connect to
it. I talked to jack about it and the problem is caused by the reverse 
dns lookup feature in theserver. So whatever you do dont set that line
to 1 ;-) 

Btw we use libshout to feeder the server? It seems that jack have done
a pretty good job there on getting those nasty sync bugs out that we
saw earlier in fx shout. That again is another good advise dont use
shout for feeding your server! Its broken and its not supported
anymore use ices which is build on the new code jack wrote.

Venlig hilsen/Kind regards
Thomas Kirk
thomas at arkena.com

"Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time."
		-- Steven Wright

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