[icecast] buffer under/overrun w/ off-frequency sound card clock ?

Peter Skye pskye at peterskye.com
Wed Dec 26 17:34:34 UTC 2001

PC clocks aren't too accurate -- the two on my desk lose 25 seconds and
gain 1 minute 45 seconds each day.

Sound card clocks probably aren't super accurate either.  How does this
affect icecast?  If two listeners have sound card clocks that are
running at different speeds and thus one's sound is ahead of the
other's, does the slower one eventually get so far behind that icecast
can't support it any more?

Or do I have this backwards, and icecast sends the stream based on its
own machine's clock?  If that's the case, then the faster sound card's
player will eventually not have any more data in its buffer, and the
slower sound card's machine will eventually max out its tcp/ip buffer
since the packets are coming in faster than they are used.  Yes?

- Peter

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